I provide relationship therapy to both individuals and couples and work with a wide range of issues that may be affecting a relationship. In addition, I work with those who have difficulty embarking on or maintaining a relationship. I can assist with building self confidence and finding who you are and what you want.

Understanding Relationships

Relationships are as unique as the individuals that are in them. What one may seek from a relationship may be different to another. The relationships that we experience growing up play a pivotal part in defining what we like or don’t like and how we seek to experience them as adults. In addition, as an individual’s outlook, desires and needs may change over time, this can affect a relationship particularly if the other’s remain the same or change in a different way.

People often comment that their relationship is not as it started out. Relationships change, as over time, the partners change individually and as life itself is unpredictable. This can have an impact on the relationship. During approximately the first 12-18 months of a relationship this is the lustful, romantic stage where, for many, the partner is the priority over all else. As you settle into a calmer state of love you may notice changes in your partner or the level of romance or sex, they may start a new project or see friends more. This is all normal but in the same sense that we can understand a lot of effort was made by each partner at the beginning of the relationship without even being consciously aware of it, relationships need effort and commitment to do well. When you think about it, it’s logical. When we want our work to go well, we put in the effort. With children, if we want them to flourish, we put in a lot of love and effort. With family and friends, if we want to maintain the relationship we make time for them. Our romantic relationships are just the same – they require effort and commitment in order to get the most out of them and at times they may feel that they are very hard work or not worth it. Seeking therapy can really help to understand what is happening for you in your relationships with others.

Common relationship issues may include:

  • Arguments
  • Different needs / wants
  • Problems with communication
  • Cultural differences
  • Money
  • Infidelity
  • Children / families
  • Sex
  • Growing apart
  • Seeking help in separating