Couples therapy in London and online

Couples counselling, also known as marriage counselling/guidance or couples therapy, can help a couple to work through a wide range of issues presenting in their relationship. As a couples therapist in London, Beaconsfield and online, I work with couples who seek help for issues including improving communication, conflict management, improving intimacy, and rebuilding their relationship following an infidelity.

What is a Couples Therapist?

A couples therapist deals with issues that may be affecting your marriage or relationship. It is often difficult to take an objective stance and truly see one another’s perspectives when relationships are having difficulties. This can be further complicated by outside factors and opinions. By accessing couples psychotherapy with an independent person who specialises in couples work, the relationship and both parties can be supported in a safe environment to explore the difficulties with the knowledge that the support is impartial, confidential and qualified.

During couples therapy both of you are present and we work on any areas that are affecting the relationship.

What Does a Couples Therapist Do?

Like a relationship therapist or sex therapist, a couples therapist or counsellor can help with a range of problems and issues that might be affecting your marriage or relationship, utilising various approaches from psychotherapy. These include:

  • Conflict
  • Different needs / wants
  • Problems with communication
  • Cultural differences
  • Money
  • Infidelity
  • Children / families
  • Sex
  • Growing apart
  • Seeking help in separating

Online Couples Therapy

Alongside in-person couples therapy in London and Beaconsfield, I also offer ‘virtual’ or online sessions via Telehealth or Zoom. Online couples therapy can help you to understand your relationship dynamic, see your partner’s perspective, resolve problems, restore trust, improve communication skills and deepen your intimacy with your partner.

How Much is Couples Therapy?

The cost of a therapist for couples varies according to location and the length of the session, location and how the session is delivered. The price of online couples therapy from anywhere in the UK starts at £150 for a 50-minute session, or £170  per session for an in-person couples therapy session in Beaconsfield. If you require in-person couples therapy in London the price starts from £170 for a 50-minute session For more information on the cost of couples counselling, see the fees page.

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