‘Why can’t I come?’: Women and experts on why you’re struggling to orgasm (DAZED MAGAZINE)

Why can't I come? Dazed Beauty article March 2020

According to the sex and relationship therapist Miranda Christophers, it’s common for there to be a combination of reasons like this for why a person can’t orgasm. Three things need to connect; the body – in terms of actual physical stimulation, the mind, and the emotions.

“Body-wise, maybe someone or their partner doesn’t know how to stimulate themselves in a way physically that’s going to feel good. With the mind, it could be that they’re getting distracted, almost watching, which is what we call “spectatoring”, rather than actually being in the moment. The emotional side could be if someone doesn’t feel comfortable or safe in the sexual situation. Other things might be trust – are there any infidelities? – or attraction.”

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