Therapy sessions are currently provided by Zoom (UK & EU) and in-person in Beaconsfield only. 

Sessions take place Monday to Wednesday during the hours of 9am and 6pm. I do not provide sessions on evenings or weekends.






Zoom/ Beaconsfield In-Person

Session Fees from


                                  Individuals            Couples                                                      

50-minute session                   £100                              £120

75-minute session                    £150                              £180


Harley Street/Beaconsfield In-Person Fees


                                   Individuals          Couples

50-minute session                     £140                            £160

75-minute session                     £210                            £240


75-minute sessions are recommended as a couple’s first session or for those who feel they are in crisis or would like a longer session.

Clinical Supervision Zoom/Beaconsfield Fees

£60 per hour